Class Procedures

  • Mrs. Dimengo’s 8th Grade Science Classroom Procedures     


    3 Ring Binder

    5 Dividers

    Notebook Paper

    Pencil or Pen

    Entering the classroom- Students will enter the classroom before the bell rings.  Upon entering, students need to sharpen pencils and begin bell work.  Instructions for the day’s bell work will be on the SmartBoard.  When bell work is complete, students are to put their work away and take out any labs, or assignments due for the day. Bell work will be kept in a file folder that remains in the classroom.

    When you are absent- Please pick up missing work  from the appropriate folder in the absent work bin and get a pass to come in to work during an SA period.  Students that do not have an SA period will need to turn completed make up work in on time.  Students receive one day for each day absent.  If more time is needed, please contact the teacher to arrange for an appropriate due date. Absent sheets explaining what was done in class and the assignments are also available on my website (link below).

    Restroom/Locker Passes- You will be given 14 Science passes and 2 pencil passes at the beginning of each grading period. A pass will be required to use the restroom, get a drink, go to your locker, get a pencil and if you are tardy to class (less than one minute). Unused passes will be worth half a bonus process point each at the end of the grading period. If you do not have a pass, you will not be able to leave the room.

    Grading- Graded work falls into one of two categories, product and process.  Product grades are those that students complete on their own without the help of others.  A product grade is a true reflection of what the student knows.  Product grades are used to evaluate student knowledge on State Science Standards.  Product grades include tests and individual application projects.  The second category is process grades.  Process grades are assignments that help students learn the State Science Standards and may include, but are not limited to homework, classwork, lab work, study island and group/cooperative learning.  The nine weeks grade is broken down as follows: product = 80% of the final grade and the process = 20% of the final grade.  The following is Jackson Local School’s grading scale:

    90 – 100     A

    80 – 89       B

    70 – 79       C

    60 – 69       D

     0 – 59       F

    Midterms- Midterm reports will be given to students approximately halfway through each grading period.  Students are to take midterms home to be signed by a parent/guardian.  If you see a problem or mistake on your midterm report you must see me during SA, during study hall, or before/after school.  Class time will not be used to discuss midterm problems.  I will be happy to set up a time to check over your midterm report.

    Retakes-Students have an opportunity to retake TWO assessments each nine weeks.  To earn the opportunity to retake an assessment, the student must complete all homework and the study guide that relates to the assessment.  Students will have a choice between two retake dates.  Retakes will take place during students SA periods.  The retake score will replace the original score, even if the student scores lower on the retake.

    Book Online- The five science textbooks we will be using this year will remain in the classroom.  These textbooks are available online. The web address is:           

    Username: jmms1516 Password: gobears1516

    Website- Be sure to check out my website: /webpages/ldimengo/ This website has access to class notes, worksheets, a homework assignment calendar, and links to other interesting sites.

    We will be conducting numerous science labs that require a variety of materials (milky way candy bars, tootsie pops, etc.). Students will be notified when supplies are needed. Any help with supplies would be appreciated.  


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