7th Grade Visual Arts


    Posted by on 10/3/2014 8:43:00 AM
    Starting Monday, October 6, the students will get getting started on their fall projects.  This project involves Shaving Cream, Paint, and possibly some food coloring.  Because of the Materials being used for this project, I will advise students to be EXTRA careful with the clothing worn to school.  I know that clothing can be very expensive and we will need to be extra careful during the upcoming project.  

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  • Ribbons Project

    Posted by on 10/3/2014 8:35:00 AM
    imageWOW!  The 7th Grade Art students keep on impressing!
    There are a few things that I would like to share as we are finishing our 1st big Art Project.
    As seen throughout the website, I could not be more proud of the success we had during our Ribbons Project.  There are 9 students that completed their work on time for the Showcase, located at the Public Library.  These students worked extra hard to get the projects in EARLY, so I thank them for that! The Showcase looks great!
    Even though only a few students made the showcase, the other students that put forth a great amount of effort will be rewarded by a display of their work at JMMS.
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  • Teacher

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