Classroom News

  • I could not be more thrilled and excited to be back as the 8th grade Art teacher at Jackson Memorial Middle School.   Born and raised in Wadsworth, Ohio, I pursued this career by receiving a bachelors degree at the University of Akron. I have always had a strong passion toward education and Visual Arts, but also have a steady commitment to being a professional artist.   During the school year, I will be providing as much insight on the field of art as possible to all of my students. And in the summer, you can find me pursuing artwork of my own. 

    In our 8th grade Art class, we will and have been exploring areas of Art that provide well-rounded thinking in a 21st-Century classroom. I have found that Art can be a great avenue for students to learn more about themselves and create positive learning habits that can help them in other areas of studies. Growing up in a close family and being involved in various areas of athletics, I believe that working as a team is the most efficient way of becoming a successful individual.  I will work very hard toward creating a team atmosphere within our classroom, yet allow each individual student to explore within themselves.  


    As we dive into our 2017-18 School year, students will begin creating individual artwork to take home at the end of the semester.   ENJOY! Please don't forget to check out for personalized accessories and apparel with your child's artwork printed from the Gift Shop! 

    *** This page will be updated with the student news and success as the school years progresses ***