Top 10 Study Strategies From Scholastic

    1. Beat procrastination! Teach your child, by example, not to put off tasks.
    2. Instead of denying your son privileges for not studying, offer him rewards or incentives for getting his schoolwork done.
    3. Get organized! Ensure that your grade-schooler has separate sections in her notebook for notes, homework, and graded materials for each class.
    4. Make sure he's taking notes in class — not only for information, but because it will help him see how much time his teacher spends on a subject area.
    5. After class or in the evenings, encourage your child to write a review of key ideas from each class.
    6. Teach your daughter to be an active reader who outlines and annotates her textbooks. If she is not allowed to write in her books, have her keep these notes in a special notebook.
    7. Encourage him to read through textbook sections before they're reviewed in class.
    8. When studying for a test, suggest that your child arranges class and reading notes chronologically to ensure she's studying the appropriate material.
    9. Help him create "fact sheets" of key ideas and terms scattered randomly on a page. If he can recall details in random order, they're stored in his brain.
    10. A combination of memorization and concept comprehension will yield the longest-lasting and most complete knowledge.