Daily 5

  • 1. Read to Self  
    The best way to become a better reader is by practicing each day, with books the students choose and are a "Good Fit".  


    2Work on Writing  

    Just like reading, the best way to become a better writer is by practicing writing each day.

    3. Read to Someone   
    Partner reading allows for more time to practice strategies, helping to build fluency, check for understanding, hear their own voice and time to share in this learning community.
    4Word Work 
    Expanded vocabulary and correct spelling allow for more fluent reading and writing thus speeding up the ability to comprehend what is read and get thinking down on paper.


    5Listen to Reading 

    Hearing good examples of literature and fluent reading expands your vocabulary, builds stamina and helps you become a better reader.

     I PICK "Good Fit Books"

    The students are taught from day one about choosing and selecting books that are just right for their reading level.  They are called "Good Fit Books".

    1. I pick a book

    2. urpose (What's my purpose for choosing this book? )

    3. nterest (Does this book interest me?)

    4. C omprehend (Can I comprehend what I'm reading?)

    5. K now (Do I know most of the words?)

    Click on the link to watch the "I-Pick" Rap


    Elbow, Elbow

    Knee, Knee

    I'll read to you and 

    You'll read to me. 

    Elbow, Elbow

    Knee, Knee

    Book in the middle so we can both see! 


    Three Ways to Read a Book

    1.  Read the pictures

    2.  Read the words

    3.  Retell the story

    *In our class, we add number 4... ASK QUESTIONS (before, during, and after reading) in order to increase comprehension!

    Daily 5 Book Bin 

    Each student in my room has a "daily 5 book bin". These bins are available to students along the window sill in the classroom, but can move them to their desks or around their room during Daily 5 Activities. These bins are used regularly throughout the school day. The bin contains "Good Fit Books" that I have chosen as well as "Good Fit Books" the student has chosen, their writing journal with a pencil for Work on Writing, writing prompts, and more. We will switch out materials depending on the focus of the week or seasonal events that are going on. I let my class "Shop for Books" on a bi-weekly basis keeping their book bins filled with new books.  Students will LOVE this part and truly take ownership in finding "good fit books".  This allows students to build a sense of responsibility and provides these young readers  a way to monitor their own reading skills and abilities.