My Blog

  • This is a place where we can write about educational topics!  It is similar to an online journal.  All you have to do is click on the blog post and write a response to it. Let others know what you think! You can also leave comments for each other, after you have read a blog.This will be a great tool to get us excited about what is happening in our classroom! It will also enhance our writing skills! Simply click on "comment" and add your entry!

    Welcome to my blog!


    Hi third graders.  You have successfully found my blog.  There are a few things I would like you to remember about blogging:

    #1.  ALWAYS use kind words when blogging because others will read your posts.

    #2.  Be respectful of others' opinions about a topic.

    #3.  ONLY use your first name and last initial when commenting about a topic.

    #4.  Before submitting your post, remember to check for proper spelling, punctuation and grammar AND use complete sentences.

    #5.  Feel free to communicate with your classmates, too.  (Remember, I can read everything  you type!)

    #6.  Have fun and check back often to see new topics!


    *You do not need to type an email address to type on my blog. 


    See you in the "BLOG" world!