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  • Welcome to my classroom website!

    Thank you for visiting Mr. Stanley's science and social studies website.  As you navigate through this site, you will find information that may help you better understand concepts that have been introduced in class.  Have fun and check back frequently.

    Our first couple of weeks have flown by!  In science we have talked about skills that scientists use.  Next we be discussing the scientific method and doing a few short labs to better understand what the scientific method is.  

    In social studies we have begun our trip around the states.  By the end of the first grading period students should be able to locate all 50 states on a blank map and tell what each state's capital is.  So far we have finished the New England States.  Next up on our trip is the Mid-Atlantic States.

    Have a great day, and the first to come to me with the secret word "Barrett" will get an extra credit point.