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  • Welcome to First Grade!!
    Please visit this website regularly to see about upcoming events and activities 
    in the classroom and at Lake Cable!!

    Important Classroom Info:

    Scholastic Reading Clubs:  Our class code is J3GP9.  If you want to order books for your child online please follow the directions on the sheet.  When you order books, our class earns points.  Those points can then be used to get more books and materials for our classroom.  

    ***Thank you to our Awesome Lake Cable PTO!***



    Homework Folders are sent home on Fridays.  Your child needs to return the folder on the following Friday with the completed Homework.

    GoMath: Math Homework pages go along with the Daily Math lessons.  We advise you to work on the math homework nightly, as the Share & Show and Model & Draw sections on the math lessons will assist at home.  We understand if this does not fit your family schedule.  

    Reading: Reading Comprehension Story/Questions or a Book will be sent home in the Homework Folder beginning after Fall Conferences in October.  For the Story/Questions, your child will receive a story at their reading level.  They need to read the story and answer the questions.  If the questions are not multiple choice, the answers need to be written in complete sentences.

    Fundations:  Family Home Support Packets will be sent home at the beginning of each Fundations Unit.  Along with this packet, you will also see homework pages that are OPTIONAL!  They are to be used at home for additional support where you feel your child may need it.  They do not need to be returned to school, but they may if you wish.

    Our Complete Words of the Day for the Whole Year is Listed Below:

    Unit 1:  No Trick Words

    Unit 2:  the, of, and, fix, quit, log, pet, lip, yet

    Unit 3:  to, a, was, is, he, for, as, his, has, quick, much, path, luck, rush, thud, dock, wish

    Unit 4:  you, we, I, they, one, said, miss, call, off, chill, yell, mess

    Unit 5:  from, or, have, fan, ham, jam

    Unit 6:  were, her, put, there, what, she, been, by, who, logs, walls, socks, ships, jugs, bells, hugs

    Unit 7:  out, so, are, two, about, into, only, other, new, rang, hung, long, junk, pink, thank, kings, winks, fangs

    Unit 8:  some, could, want, say, do, first, any, my, now, ask, kept, bunch, ranch, shrug, nests, flags, quilts

    Unit 9:  our, over, come, would, after, also, melt, brush, act, punch, ill, stiff

    Unit 10:  many, before, called, how, your, down, should, because, each, trust, blink, stump, stand, crunch, drinks, plants

    Unit 11:  people, Mr., Mrs., years, says, little, good, very, own, sunset, upset, expect, until, velvet, public, frantic

    Unit 12:  see, work, between, both, being, under, inches, dishes, foxes, glasses

    Unit 13:  never, another, day, words, look, through, blasted, landing, bringing, trusted

    Unit 14:  friend, around, circle, does, nothing, none, color, month, wise, ape, joke, caves, notes


    Our Weekly Newsletter is Passed out on Fridays

    **Please be sure to watch for the newsletter in your child's book bag on Fridays.**

    Thanks Again for your Support,

    Miss Kakos