11 Best Test Tips Scholastic

  • For your child:

    1. Get creative. Don't just read the material; act it out, create a rap, or draw a picture that answers the question.
    2. Develop a study schedule. Plug in ample study time before the test and reduce the likelihood of late-night cramming.
    3. Use visual cues to boost memorization skills. Analyze roller coaster angles to study algebra, measure your favorite dish's ingredients to help learn fractions, or watch online videos and download podcasts when studying history.
    4. Study in short spurts. Brains tire quickly when doing drills. Study for 5 to 15 minutes, take a break, then return when your mind is refreshed.
    5. Use your senses. Read it, write it, say it.

    For you:

    1. Use the teacher's Web site to ensure your child knows what will be on the test and is studying appropriately.
    2. Help your child organize his study material into an easy-to-use reference guide.
    3. Provide a well-lit area for your child to study with limited distractions.
    4. Don't let your child pull an all-nighter. Getting a good night's sleep the night before the test will ensure she's alert and focused.
    5. Give your child a healthy breakfast the day of the test.
    6. Keep your cool. If you're anxious about your child's test, don't let on. Maintain a positive attitude.