Fun Reading Activities To Do With Any Book

  •  1.            Before you read, write your prediction for what you think will happen. 

        2.            Draw or write what happens at the beginning, middle, and end of the story.

        3.            Tell about the characters in the story.

        4.            Tell about the setting of the story.  Where and when does it take place? 

        5.            Tell about the problem in the story and how it was solved.

        6.            Write down words you don’t know and then look them up in a dictionary with a family


        7.            Write a different ending to the story.

        8.            Write about your favorite part of the story.

        9.            Draw an illustration for your story and write about it.

       10.       Design a new cover for the book.

       11.       Make a KWL chart for a non-fiction book that tells what you KNOW before reading, what

                you WISH to learn about the topic, and what you LEARN from reading the book.

        12.       Make a Venn diagram to compare two characters or compare yourself with a character.

        13.       Write a letter to a character in the story.

        14.       Write all of the word wall and spelling words that you find in the story.

        15.       Did you like the book?  Tell why you liked it or why you didn’t.

        16.       Did this book remind you of another story?  Tell why this story is similar to another story

                 you have read.

        17.       Make a mask out of a paper plate for one of the characters. Then act out the story.

        18.       Make paper-bag puppets or popsicle-stick puppets for the characters and act out the 


        19.       Research the setting, time period, characters, or animals from the book.  Tell about what

                 you learned.

        20.       Write about the ways that the main character is like you and the ways that the main      

                 character is not like you.

        21.       Make an audio or video recording of yourself reading a book or acting out the story.

        22.       Did you know you can get your very own library card?  Visit the library with your family to

                 check out books that interest you.

        23.    Keep a tally for every spelling or high frequency word you find in the story you read.

        24.    Make a poster or brochure about the book you read.

        25.    Call or invite over a special friend or relative and reread the story or just your favorite part.