The Giving Tree

  • The Giving Tree

    I have added this section because there are times when our class will need items donated in order to enhance our learning.

    Thank you in advance!

    Paper Products

    Hand Sanitizer 

    Sandwich Sized Zip Lock Bags 

    Freezer Sized Zip Lock Bags

    Paper Towels

    Wipes (Alcohol Free)

    Hand Held Pencil Sharpeners 

    Paper Plates

    Packs of Napkins

    Large Bags of Individually Wrapped Candy

    Small Treasure Box Items

    White Lunch Bags

    White Tissue Paper 

    Number 2 Pencils (Not Mechanical Please)

    Packs of Pencil Grippers

    Extra Dry Erase Markers

    Plastic ware (Spoons and Forks)

    Paper Plates

    Plastic Cups 

    Rolls of Magnets 


    Sticky Tac 

    Packs of Pens

    Simple Board Games/Puzzles (These can be gently used! We use them for indoor recess!) 

    Crayons, Markers, Glue Sticks

    Cardstock and Colored Paper

    Designer Print Paper for the Writing Center (Check out the Dollar-Store for kid friendly selections) 

    Classroom Library Requests 

    Books About :

    Rocks and Minerals 

    Mythology (Dragons, Gods, and Giants)  

    Legends (Stories Worth Telling Time and Time Again) 


    Inspired By The Sea 

    Biographies (Creative, Notable, and Inventive People) 

    The People, Preamble, and Presidents  

    Economics (Goods/Services, Consumer Producers, Trade, Ect.) 

    Matter (Books with experiments, chemical changes, ect.) 

    Chapter Books for the Classroom Library