• Gail Boushey and Joan Moser developed this system which allows 

    even the youngest readers to self-monitor their progress, and chart 

     their goals within the larger context of classroom community. 

    I am currently reading Gail Boushey and Joan Moser's book

     regarding the C.A.F.E. techniques and look forward to implementing  

     in our classroom. I am confident that the C.A.F.E. strategies will allow

     students to prosper as independent readers! 

    Reading Menu 
    As a reader we are always improving and setting goals.  We will be using our C.A.F.E. menu to set reading goals throughout our year together for our class and each second grader will have a goal.  As we learn about these strategies together, I will post handouts and documents when applicable underneath the headings.

    I can understand what I read.
    Retelling Rope (see bottom of web page)
    I can read the words.

    I can read accurately, with expression, and understand what I read.

    Extended Vocabulary

    I know, find, and use interesting words.

    Retelling Rope