• There are five areas of reading that we will focus on over the course of the year so that your child may become a more proficient reader. This comprehensive and balanced literacy program includes phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

    1) Phonemic Awareness-This is the understanding that spoken words are made up of individual sounds called phonemes. The area of emphasis is on phonemes/sounds, the spoken part of language, is mostly auditory, and students are asked to manipulate sounds.

    2) Phonics-The area of emphasis is on letters and their corresponding sounds, is the written part of language/print, is both visual and auditory, and students are asked to read and write letters using their sounds and what they know about spelling patterns.

    3) Fluency-The ability to read a text or passage using phrasing, expression, accuracy, and rate. Increased fluency allows a student to make meaning and apply comprehension to what he/she reads.

    4) Vocabulary- Understanding word meaning. 

    5) Comprehension- We will use CAFE strategies to deepen our understanding of text.