25 Ways To Practice Spelling Words At Home

  • 1.            Write the words “rainbow” style.  First, write each word in pencil. Then trace over it with three different colored markers. Then use three different colored crayons.

    2.            Pour sand, salt, or oatmeal into a shallow pan or dish.  Trace the words with your finger.

    3.            Make a word search with the words. http://www.puzzle-maker.com/WS/index.htm is a free online tool that will generate a word search.

    4.            When writing the words, write the consonants in blue and the vowels in red.

    5.            Write the spelling words in ABC order.

    6.            Build each of the words with magnetic letters, scrabble tiles, or letters written on small pieces of paper.

    7.            Write the spelling words and draw a picture for each one on pieces of paper.  Staple the pages together to make a book.

    8.            Write each spelling word in a sentence.

    9.            Sculpt the words out of play-doh.

    10.       Write a letter to your teacher using all of the spelling or word wall words.

    11.       Find the words in a magazine or newspaper.  Cut them out and paste them on a piece of paper.  (Or you can cut out letters and put them together to spell the words.)

    12.    Find the words in a dictionary.

    13.       Type the words on the computer.  Print them or email them to your teacher atrwalshire@antioch34.com.

    14.       Choose one of your spelling or word wall words and write an acrostic poem.  Write the word going down the paper with each letter of the word on a line.  Write words on each line that begin with the letter in the spelling word.

    15.       Write each word on two index cards and use them to play memory.  Take turns flipping over two cards and reading the words.  If they match, you take the cards.  If not, flip them back over again.

    16.       Look for a pattern in your spelling words.  Write other words that use the same word family.  (If you can spell at and cat, then you can spell bat and sat.)

    17.       Write your words on flash cards.  See how quickly you can read all of the words.

    18.       Ask a family member to read each word to you while you practice writing them onto paper or a dry-erase board.

    19.       Make up a song to help you remember how to spell a word.

    20.       Play checkers with a family member.  Before taking a turn, each player needs to spell a spelling word aloud.

    21.       Write each word on two index cards.  Play “Go Fish” with a family member.  Spell each word that you ask for (ex: “Do you have C-A-T?”)

    22.       Build the words out of toothpicks, noodles, cereal, etc.

    23.       Squirt shaving cream on the counter and trace the words in it.

    24.       Play online games that are listed on our class webpage.

    25.   Play "SPARKLE" with your family.