• As you know, homework is important practice of the skills we are learning in school. Homework will be assigned Monday-Thursday and there will be no homework on Fridays. 


    Fundations: Students will have a Fundations packet to complete every 2 weeks. 


    Math: Students will have several math assignments each week.  It is expected that students complete the Student Math Journal pages at home (in the homework book that was sent home) that correspond with the lessons covered in class.  You'll find the lessons that we are studying in the weekly newsletter.  It is not necessary to turn these math pages in, but if your child is struggling with a concept, please let me know.  Also, if having your child bring their homework for me to see is motivating for them, I will be happy to check it.  Have them try at least a few problems on the page to see if more practice and review is needed.  It is also important that they practice their math facts on Xtra Math or with flash cards for 5-10 minutes each night. 


    Reading: Students will be required to participate in a Reading Log each month in second grade. The reading calendars will be due at the end of each month starting in October. 



    Other awesome websites/learning tools:


    Freckle website:  This learning game can be found on the Amherst library page.  This is an amazing resource for math, reading, social studies, and science.  Your child will take a placement quiz to find where their learning level is for each math domain and reading and comprehension levels on the articles.  As they progress through, the questions will advance as your child demonstrates mastery of that skill.  They earn coins to "spend" in the Piggy Store.  


    RAZ Kids (RAZ plus): I'm sure that you and your child are familiar with this website from 1st grade.  After logging in, your child will have access to fiction and nonfiction books that are at an appropriate level for them.  As your child reads through each book, they will be asked comprehension questions about the text that they read.  As they successfully complete books and quizzes, the book levels offered to them will adjust as well.  If you see that your child is struggling to correctly answer the comprehension questions, have them reread the book or section where the answer can be found.  Having you as a "coach" can be such a good learning time for your child!