Classroom Info

  • Specials Schedule
    Monday: Gym 10:10-10:45    Please wear appropriate gym shoes and clothes on Mondays and Thursdays.               
    Tuesday:  Library  10:10-10:45  Please bring library books back every Tuesday! 
    Wednesday:  Music 10:10-10:45
    Thursday:  Gym 10:10-10:45
    Friday:  Music 10:10-10:45
    Recess 11:10-11:30
    Lunch 11:30-11:55

    Every day the students will need to bring a healthy snack to school.  Please do not send candy, cookies, chips, or snack cakes, but rather send items like pretzels, a piece of fruit, veggies, cereal or crackers.  You might even want to leave an extra snack in your child’s backpack in case they forget one day.  Students may bring (only) WATER to keep in the classroom if they would like.  Please remind your child to bring home their water bottle a few times a week so it can be cleaned and sanitized!
    You can help our school earn money by cutting out Box Tops and Campbell's Soup Labels.  Send these in with your child and they will receive Kid Cash for their help!  If you shop at Giant Eagle, register our school code #1575.  
    Did you know that we love to recycle at our school AND it helps our school??  We  have two recycling boxes outside of our school that take all kinds of paper, phone books, newspapers, and even cardboard!