Classroom Info

  • Specials Schedule
    Monday: Library 12:25-1:00    Please bring library books back every Tuesday!             
    Tuesday:  Music  12:25-1:00   
    Wednesday:  Gym 12:25-1:00  Please wear appropriate gym shoes and clothes on Wednesday and Friday. 
    Thursday:  Music 12:25-1:00
    Friday:  Gym 12:25-1:00
    Recess 11:15-11:30
    Lunch 11:35-12:00

    Every day the students will need to bring a healthy snack to school.  Please do not send candy, cookies, chips, or snack cakes, but rather send items like pretzels, a piece of fruit, veggies, cereal or crackers.  You might even want to leave an extra snack in your child’s backpack in case they forget one day.  Students may bring (only) WATER to keep in the classroom if they would like.  Please remind your child to bring home their water bottle a few times a week so it can be cleaned and sanitized!
    You can help our school earn money by sending your Box Tops electronically now!
    Did you know that we love to recycle at our school AND it helps our school??  We  have two recycling boxes outside of our school that take all kinds of paper, phone books, newspapers, and even cardboard!  

    Book It Reading Program

    Book-It is a reading program sponsored by Pizza Hut which runs from October through March. The goal for your child is to read 20 minutes for 20 days (or more) each month at home.  Return the completed calendar and at the beginning of each month to receive a coupon for a free personal pan pizza. 

     The goal is for your child to participate in all 5 or 6 months, October to March. If he or she does so, then they will be rewarded to celebrate with a pizza party. If not, your child will build reading stamina during the party.

    Thank you for encouraging your child to read! 

    Click the link above to print a copy of our monthly Book-It calendars. 
    Click "reading trackers" then find the monthly calendar you need to print- We use the holiday calendars!
    *Check out for more information.