Classroom News - Weekly Updates

  • The Week of May 7, 2018:

    Language Arts: We will be continuing with our new novel. As far as I can tell, the students realy like this book!! We will also be introducing a writing piece that you should see coming home with your student. This will require them to interview someone at home so that they can write a memoir of sorts. We are also going to start to learn how to play Chess, as it relates to our story. 
    Homework: Read nightly for at least 20 minutes. 
    Math:  We will continue our work on Measures of Central Tendency Doodle Notes! We will begin a classroom Bingo dealing with Mean, Mode, Median, and Range at the end of the week. This was supposed to start last week, but we have gotten behind.
    Homework: Practice nightly on
    Students can login into Xtramath or IXL online from home. They should know their username and password.
    Have a great weekend!