• 6th Grade Math FAQs
    What do I need for class?
    Supply List
    • Text book- passed out the first week of school
    • 3 Subject Notebook
    • 1 Three-Prong folder with pockets (you may want to purchase several so you can replace them throughout the year, but you will only need 1 at a time)
    • Pencils
    • Red Pen (For GRADING ONLY)
    • 2-3 Dry Erase Marker (non-odor); NO light colors
    • Index Cards
    • Optional Supplies (also available in the classroom): crayons, markers, colored pencils, scissors, glue
    Why do we have homework?
    • The purpose of homework in this class is to provide independent practice based around the topics learned in class. Meaningful homework, that focuses on a specific set of skills, is assigned each night. Students should work through their assignment on their own or with a peer/parent. When they return to class the next day they will be prepared to discuss the areas where they were successful and the areas in which they need more clarification.
    How is homework graded? 
    What is the grading scale for this class?
    A 100-90
    B 89-80
    C 79-70
    D 69-60
    F 59-0
    *** Grades are calculated based on two categories***
    • Process (15%)- homework and classwork done with the help of peers, teachers, or other adults.
    • Product (85%)- tests, quizzes, projects that allow students to show what they have learned from the process assignments. 
    How do I get extra help in math class?
    • There are several opportunities to throughout the school day to get some extra help or ask Mr. Johnson questions. 
    • See Mr. Johnson during SA
    • Ask LOTS of questions in class if you do not understand what we are discussing in class.
    • Check out the Big Ideas Website. There are great resources and lesson tutorials in each chapter!