Explanation of what Sport Ed is?

  • The sixth grade classes in Physical Education, participate in different team sports using the sports education model.  The Sports Ed. model allows students to be part of a team and work as a team for approximately four weeks at a time.  Members of the team are allowed to pick their own team name for the unit and then sign up for a job on the contract.  These jobs allow students to take on a role of the team and fulfill a responsibility, the jobs are Coach, Scorekeeper, Athletic Trainer, Administrator, and Equipment Manager.

          The teams play either one or two games a day depending on the unit, each team can track the scores of previous games or check where they stand in the standings, along with who they play that day by looking on the chart in the gym.  After each unit the winning team will receive a certificate for winning and their team picture will be placed on the white board in the gold gym.