Step One: Research
    1. Watch the BrainPOP Flight movie and complete the Activity Page. PRINT the activity page once done.
    • You may need to log in. Username: JMMS Password: gobears
    2. Design your own plane using the Forces of Flight game. Before you FLY your plane right click on the screen and PRINT out your design. 

    3. After you design and test your plane you will learn how to fly a FPG-9 in the Flight School.
    • After learning the basics of glider flight in the Flight School tab,  test your skills in the Flight Challenges tab.

    • In each challenge, you must move the control surfaces on the glider to hit targets. These challenges can be played as many times as desired. Once you have learned how to control and direct your gliders through the Flight Challenges tab, more complex challenges will be presented. After all missions are completed, you will earn your gold wings and take the bonus mission to unlock the space shuttle landing challenge.

    • PRINT out a record of your flight school exercises and how you did on the flight missions.

    • Take the quiz and PRINT your results when you are done.

    Step Two: Design

    Use the materials provided, additional research, and your knowledge from the flight simulations to create a paper airplane. 

    Step Three: Fly It!