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    Online Education Journals via INFOhio's Explora for Educators
    (use the INFOhio username and password to access)
    The Curriculum Journal
    Full text from March 1998 to present (18-month delay).
    A peer-reviewed journal publishing research into curriculum, cross-curricular issues, assessments, and new approaches to teaching & learning.
    Early Childhood Education Journal
    Full text from March 1997 to present.
    Publishes articles on curriculum, child care programs, administration, staff development, family-school relationships, equity issues, multicultural units, health nutrition, facilities, special needs, and infant/toddler programs.
    Full text from 1969 to present.
    Original investigations and theoretical papers dealing with worthwhile innovations in learning, teaching, and education at all levels and in every area of education and learning.
    Education Digest
    Full text from 1990 to present.
    Each issue includes 12 or more condensations of recent periodicals and reports along with regular monthly columns and features. Covers the entire education field from pre-elementary to college.
    Education Week
    Full text from 1995 to present.
    A weekly newspaper devoted to education. Articles, profiles, commentary, legislation, state and national news, and book reviews for teachers and administrations in elementary and secondary schools
    Educational Leadership
    Full text from 1974 to present.
    Articles presenting a variety of viewpoints aimed at leaders in elementary, middle, and secondary education and others interested in curriculum, instruction, supervision, and leadership in schools.
    Instructor Full text from 1998 to present.
    From Scholastic. Every issue provides K-8 educators with lesson ideas, classroom management strategies, professional learning, and more.
    Internet@Schools Full text from 2011 to present.
    An educator’s guide to technology and the web. Includes articles on online learning, assessment, tech integration, professional development, and more.
    Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy Full text from Sep. 1996 to present (12-month delay).
    JAAL is a peer-reviewed literacy journal for teachers of adolescents and early learners. Includes practical solutions to overcome tough classroom challenges based on sound research and theory.
    Journal of Education Full text from 1995 to present.
    The oldest continually published educational journal in the U.S., this journal includes best practices in education.
    Journal of Educational Research Full text from Sep. 1974 to present (12-month delay).
    Research on educational practices in elementary and secondary schools including new procedures, traditional practices, curriculum, and evaluations.
    Literacy Today Full text from Mar. 2002 to present.
    Provides a unique cross-sector perspective, from early years to continuing education, on current literacy issues across practice, policy, and research. 
    Reading Teacher Full text from Feb. 1990 to present (12-month delay).
    Published by the International Reading Association. This peer-reviewed, professional journal is for educators involved in literacy education of children to the age of 12. Practices, research, and trends in literacy education and related fields.
    Do you have a public library educator card?
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