•  Mission Statement:

    The mission of the School Nutrition Program is to make a significant contribution to the general well-being and learning ability of each student. This will be achieved by providing students with healthy, nutritious, appetizing and affordable meals served courteously, in a clean and pleasant dining environment.

    Marsha Escola

    Marsha Escola, Food Service Director

    Director’s Message:

    Welcome to the Jackson Local Schools Food Service Department!  Our Nutrition Services department is comprised of a group of caring professional individuals that are dedicated to the health and wellness of our students.  Each and every child that passes through the cafeteria serving line will be treated with care and respect.  We want their dining experience to be a happy and memorable one!

    Nutrition influences a child’s development, health, well-being and potential for learning. Each school day, the Food Service Department is charged with providing nutritious breakfasts and lunches as well as snacks for our students in a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere.  

    School Meals and "Smart Snacks" (healthy cookies, chips & crackers etc.)are planned according to USDA dietary guidelines and meet State and Federal requirements.

    Questions and concerns should be directed to the Food Service Department at (330)830-8031.

Breakfast and Lunch Prices