• Student Wellness & Success Funds (SWSF) & Disadvantaged Pupil Impact Aid (DPIA) Plan FY 2024-2025

    Overview: Ohio School Districts utilize Student Wellness and Success Funding (SWSF) and Disadvantaged Pupil Impact Aid (DPIA) funds to address students' physical, behavioral, emotional, and safety needs. The following is our plan for spending these funds for fiscal years 2024 and 2025.

    SWSF FY24/25 Spending Plan:

    1. Mental Health Services: $343,134.04 (71.4%)

      • Guidance Counselors: Portions of the salary for all 13 counselors funded through SWSF.  School guidance counselors play a crucial role in creating a supportive environment that fosters both the mental health and academic success of students.

      • Stark Mental Health and Addiction Recovery:   Mental Health and addiction services provided through the county board for prevention, treatment and recovery support for specific students on an as needed basis.tal  

      • Stark County Educational Service Center: Mental Health Services:  As needed and student specific services aimed to provide a holistic and integrated approach to treatment and recovery, helping individuals achieve lasting wellness and stability.

    2. Family Support Specialist: $49,691.56 (10.3%)

      • Contracted through the ESC to provide family support services.  Family Support Specialists enhance student mental health and academic success by providing holistic and consistent support to families, creating a stable and nurturing environment that promotes overall student well-being.

    3. Prevention Education: $87,884 (18.3%)

      • Smart Social App: $15,000

        • Promotes mental well-being by curating positive content, providing mental health resources, monitoring screen time, and fostering a supportive community. Emphasizes privacy and safety to reduce cyberbullying and mitigate anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem.

      • PAX Good Behavior Game: $72,884

        • An elementary classroom intervention promoting positive behavior and preventing mental health issues. Involves team-based activities, rewards for good behavior, and developing self-regulation skills. Teachers receive training and ongoing support, fostering a positive classroom environment to reduce long-term mental health issues.

    DPIA FY24/25 Spending Plan:

    1.  Safety: $37,190.28 (100% of DPIA funding)

    • A portion of the salary for our Director of Security is allocated using DPIA funding to help ensure a safe learning environment.

    Summary: This plan addresses immediate mental health needs and provides ongoing family support, fostering a collaborative and safe environment that enhances student success both academically and emotionally. The combined efforts of school guidance counselors and the Family Support Specialist create a robust support system that promotes overall mental well-being and resilience in students. By utilizing tools such as the Smart Social App and the PAX Good Behavior Game to encourage positive mental habits, behavior, and self-regulation, the plan helps prevent long-term mental health issues.