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  • School Gate Guardian

    Jackson Local School District is installing a visitor management software system at each of its schools.

    School Gate Guardian requires all visitors to present a valid driver’s license or other state-issued identification upon arrival at the door. The ID will be scanned and checked against the sexual offender database. Protocol is in place for those who might not have a state-issued ID.

    Visitors who have been cleared will receive a printed ID badge that includes their photo and name. The badge is self-expiring, meaning within 12 hours of receipt, a red stop sign will bleed through to the front so the badge cannot be reused.

    The process to scan an ID, run the check and print a badge takes about 30 seconds to complete.

    Staff members have been trained in how to handle a positive match in the system.

    Click here to view a list of frequently asked questions about the system. 

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