Daily 3 Tasks

  • Read to Self:

    The best way to become a better reader is by practicing each day, with books the students choose and are a "Good Fit."

    Work on Writing:

    Just like reading, the best way to become a better writer is by practicing writing each day.

    Word Work:

    Expanded vocabulary and correct spelling allow for more fluent reading and writing thus speeding up the ability to comprehend what is read and get thinking down on paper.

    Occasionally we will... 

    Read to Someone:

    Partner reading allows for more time to practice strategies, helping to build fluency, check for understanding, hear their own voice and time to share in this learning community.


    Choosing a "Good Fit Book"

    The students are taught from day one about choosing and selecting books that are just right for their reading level.  They are called "Good Fit Books".