Daily 3/CAFE

  • Daily 3/CAFE

    The Daily 5 is the framework used within our literacy block every morning to engage students in meaningful reading and writing activities. In our third grade classroom, we will be focusing on three of the tasks rather than 5, so we will call it the Daily 3! The Daily 3 encourages reading independence and gives children the skills needed to create a lifetime love of reading and writing. There are specific student behaviors associated with each task as well as a focus on continuing to build a strong classroom community! Students spend many weeks practicing these tasks and behaviors and work towards building "stamina."

    Daily 3 tasks include:
    1. Read to self
    2. Work on writing
    3. Word work

    When students can read and write independently during these times, I will begin to work with small groups of students to teach and reinforce essential reading skills and strategies. Your child will be taught how to select “Good Fit Books,” and I will work to provide a variety of reading materials, from all different genres and print types.