Mrs. Vespoint - First Grade

    Mrs. Vespoint
    First Grade Teacher at Sauder Elementary, Room 153
    Phone Ext. 5153
    Welcome to first grade!
    I am so excited to be experiencing first grade with you and your child this year. I have 5 years previous experience teaching first grade and just wrapped up the last 3 years teaching fourth grade math and science.  First grade has had some major technology advances since I last taught the curriculum so I will be learning these new tools and websites along with you and your child. We will start out this school year slow, but my goal is to ultimately help your first grader become the independent student I know he or she can be! We work all year on this journey together. You will be AMAZED to see what your child can do by the end of the year. This is a huge year for growth and change. Some steps along the way will be challenging, but in the end worth the effort. Thank you for being flexible in this journey, especially with all of the new changes that 2020 has brought during this time. 
    I am here for your child not just as their teacher, but as someone who wants to nurture their love for learning and someone who cares about their safety and emotional well-being. If you believe your child needs extra support from me or the counselor this year please do not hesitate to let me know. The school has many resources available in helping students of all ages, backgrounds, and family types in a variety of needs. Sauder staff wants your child to be successful, but ultimiately we want your child to be happy and healthy! 
    I look forward to gaining new experiences with all of my students and their families throughout this school year. At anytime you may e-mail me. I will also be using Class Dojo as our main form of communication. This app will be used for behavior management with your child and our class as they receive points. Through the app, I will vet out homework assignments, give weekly reminders, and post PTG events. You can reach me at Sauder ext. 5153. I return phone calls around 3:45 after students have been dismissed onto buses. Open communication is key to success, so please use me as a resource!
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