5th Grade with Mr. Parks - Math

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    If you are looking for the assignments for tonight, please call homework hotline at 1-330-830-8100 and enter extension 5135 or just read below!
    January 23, 2020 
    Period 1 HR Homework:
    Must Do: Turn in Green Conference form.  If no conference is needed at this time, parents can sign and return without a box checked.  
    May Do: 
    Period 2 Acc Math Homework:
    Must Do: Ch 7 SOLO and test is Friday for Chapter 7
    Complete 10 more problems from SRB p333-336 or ELO p165-166
    May Do:  Khan 30 minutes, Ch 7 ELO
    Period 3 Science Homework:
    Must Do: Venn Diagram and study for quiz on Asteroids, Comets and Meteors by completing the study guide.   
    May Do: Complete any missing work for science 



    Check the Classroom News to see where we are headed in Math in 5th Grade.
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    There are only three months of school left, yet plenty of opportunities to volunteer in your child's school. See your students in their element while simultaneously giving back to #OurSchool!  Please consider volunteering once a month or more as your schedule allows. Grandparents are welcome too!  
    • Library Support (9:00-10:00am) - Collect books from classrooms and shelve them in the library.
    • Clinic Support (11:00am-1:15pm) - Comfort sick children, take temperatures, pass out band-aids, and provide a little TLC. The Office Staff handles any big or urgent needs.
    • Cafeteria Support (11:00am-1:00pm) - See your child and their friends enjoy lunch while you help open condiment packages, pass out utensils, and assist students with spills.   
    • Look for more info on Book Fair, YES Day, and Staff Appreciation events and volunteer opportunities soon.
    Email sauderptg@gmail.com if interested and THANK YOU for contributing to the Sauder Community!
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