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  • Reading is very important in every grade.  Reading enhances our vocabulary and helps build comprehension skills.

    In Second Grade we use the Daily 5.  The components of this program are:

    1.  Read to self- The best way to become a better reader is by practicing each day, with books the student choose and are a "good fit". 

    2.  Work on writing - Just like reading, the best way to become a better writer is by practiicng writing each day.

    3.  Read to someone - Partner reading allows for more time to practice strategies, helping to build fluency, check for understanding, hear their own voice and time to share in this learning community.   

    4.  Word work - Expanded vocabulary and correct spelling allow for more frequent reading and writing thus speeding up teh ability to comprehen what is read and get thinking down on paper.

    5.  Listen to Reading - Hearing good examples of literature and fluent reading expands your vocabulary, builds stamina, and helps you become a better reader. 

    Cafe in the classroom - Gail Boushey and Jean Moser developed this system which allows even the youngest readers to self monitor their progress and chart their goals within the larger context of classroom community. 

    C- comprehension

    A- Accuracy

    F- Fluency

    E- Expand Vocabulary

The BFG by Roald Dahl

Boy in the Girl's Bathroom

  • There's a boy in The Girl's Bathroom

    by No Author Text Year Published: Challenging
    A great book. Poor Bradley Chalkers has so many problems until he meets Carla. A great read for those who have a few issues at school. One of my favorites.
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