Mrs. Vespoint - 4th Grade Math and Science

    Mrs. Vespoint
    Fourth Grade Math and Science
    Welcome to fourth grade! I am so excited to begin a new school year with such a wonderful group of students. Many of you know me previously as Miss Jackson when I taught first grade. I married my husband, Chris, in the summer of 2017. I gained two amazing stepdaughters, Lilly and Olivia. Lilly will be starting kindergarten this year and Olivia is on her last year of preschool. The girls kept me busy this summer, but watching them grow and learn was a blast! We had many adventures together including traveling to the Cleveland and Columbus zoo. We went swimming at several different lakes and pools, but Kim Tam was their absolute favorite! Although, we had so much fun together, it is that time to get back into action at school.
    I am honored to teach some of my old students again this year as well as meet new faces as we dive into fourth grade math and science. We will work hard and be challenged, but also have a lot of fun. The fourth grade team does an awesome job at working together so that all students are on the same page with schedules, behavior models, homework, and teaching philosophy. Expect to learn, but learning can only take place through practice. You will have nightly math homework Monday through Thursday. I try my very hardest to give you every weekend to relax and have fun like the 9 and 10 year olds that you all are. Weekends are for family time, sports, and recharging. 
    I look forward to gaining new experiences with all of my students and their families throughout the school year. At anytime you may e-mail me. I often check my e-mails after dinner in the evenings to help answer questions about homework. Please use my website calendar to view weekly homework as well as changes to homework such as cancellations or substitutions. Upcoming events will be posted as well as information from the school such as PTG activities. Your child should be writing down nightly homework or adding it to their electronic calendars on their Chromebooks. You can reach me at Sauder ext. 5129. I return phone calls around 3:45 after students have been dismissed onto buses. Open communication is key to success, so please use me as a resource!
    Olivia and Lilly    
                 Chris and I