Our phonics program is called Fundations.  In your child's HORSE book there is a copy of the Letter-Sound cards that we practice daily.  Each week we learn 2-3 letter sounds, how to write the letters, and we use the sounds to build words.  This repetitive practice is important to creating a solid foundation for our growing readers.

    Inline image 1

    Unit 1 (12 weeks)  Parent Information Packet for Unit 1 link at the bottom of this page.

    Week 1:  t b f
    Week 2: n m
    Week 3: c a
    Week 4: i r
    Week 5: o g
    Week 6: d s
    Week 7: e u
    Week 8: l h k
    Week 9: p j
    Week 10: v w
    Week 11: z q
    Week 12: y x

    Unit 2 teaches the uppercase letters. Parent Information Packet for Unit 2 link at the bottom of this page.

    The lines above are what we use to practice on.  The top line is called SKY Line, the dotted is called the PLANE line, the baseline is called GROUND line and under that is the WORM line.  The chart below tells where the letters begin.
    Inline image 1
    Inline image 2

    After learning the basics of letter names and sounds the next units teach us how to use these to build and read words.  There are links below to Units 3 and 4.

FUNDATIONS Letter/keyword/Sound

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