STAR of the Week

  • Each student in our room will have their own special week to be the featured STAR!   Below is a list of the activities your child will be doing during their special week.  Please help your child prepare for each activity during their week.


    Monday: Poster Day

    All About Me poster that you help your child complete at home. These will be sent home the week before so you have time to work on it!


    Tuesday: Picture Day

    Please have your child bring in pictures of their family, friends, pets, etc. to share with the class.


    Wednesday: Show and Share

    The STAR will bring in 3 items to show and share with the class.


    Thursday: Letter Day

    Please write a letter telling us a little more about your child and send it to school in a sealed envelope so it’s a surprise!  The content of the letter is up to you, but you may want to choose from the following suggestions:  Describe special or funny stories about your child, send in a video that displays more about your child, or simply tell the class some places and things you have done as a family.


    Friday: Story Snack

    A parent or special visitor will bring in a story to read to the class and provide a special snack.


    A parent, grandparent or special guest will come in to the classroom to share a story and snack with the class!  Please bring a book of your choosing.


    ***We are very flexible in Kindergarten.  If it is a four day week, please combine two days of activities.  If you need to change the order of activities please feel free.***