Our Schedule

  • Our specials are from 9:40-10:15
    Monday and Wednesday = Gym 
    Tuesday and Thursday = Music    
    Friday = Library                      
    Recess- 11:30-11:45

    Lunch- 11:45-12:15

    POLAR- 12:35-1:05
    Snack- 2:00ish
    In the mornings we have math workshop where we break off into our math groups and work in stations to complete our daily rotations such as 
    Meet with teacher, 
    At my seat (independent work), 
    Teachers choice (usually a game related to our current topics), 
     Hands on which usually involves partner or group work.  
    In the afternoons we integrate science and social studies into our language arts and complete 3-4 rounds of Daily 4.
    We also attend technology 3-5 times per week in the afternoons and spend a half hour each week with our book buddies.
    During this time we practice our fluency and expression while reading and listening to them read to us! :)
    Of course we find time to throw in some brain breaks through out the day too ;)