Daily 4

  • We use Daily 4 in our class each and every day!  This is a great way for me to get to meet with each student in smaller groups.  This helps me differentiate instruction based on what each group needs as well as allows students to work together to complete assignments and hands-on projects.


    Read to Self  
    We built our STAMINA and now we can read for twenty minutes by ourselves.  Students will choose a "Good Fit" book to practice their reading strategies. 


    Work on Writing

    Students will use this time to engage in a Writer's Workshop where they will create their own books through research and write in their "work on writing" journal.  During this time, we may free write or write about a topic related to something we are experiencing that week.  

    Meet with Teacher
    Meeting with teacher allows for me to meet with small groups and better differentiate what each group needs.  Students will be placed into smaller groups based on reading levels, scores, etc. During this time we may do guided reading, work on comprehension strategies, build our fluency and expression, practice our current Fundation skill for the week, and much more!  I really enjoy this time and love being able to teach to the students based on what they need during that exact moment.
    Word Work
    We use word work to continue our learning of our Fundations Program or grammar skill for the week. Spelling correctly and making and decoding words are vital in the ability to comprehend what is read and using what they know to develop a piece of writing.

    Part of being a good reader is being able to choose a good fit book.  Whether you are book shopping in the classroom or in the library, it is important that you know your reading level.  Reading becomes so much better when you can comprehend what you are reading and read with fluency and expression!  I HIGHLY encourage and recommend students read EVERY SINGLE NIGHT at home!  It always pays off! :)
    I PICK "Good Fit Books"

    The students are taught from day one about choosing and selecting books that are just right for their reading level.  They are called "Good Fit Books".

    1. I pick a book

    2. P urpose (What's my purpose for choosing this book? )

    3. I nterest (Does this book interest me?)

    4. C omprehend (Can I comprehend what I'm reading?)

    5. K now (Do I know most of the words?)