My Homework

  • Homework

    Homework assignments will be written on the board daily. The homework hotline is available if the student forgets to write it or does so incorrectly. The number can be found below. I will also use Remind and the homework calendar found on this website.  Students will bookmark the page once we get our chromebooks.


    Homework is graded on a point basis and will go towards the final grade in each subject.

    2 points - completed homework on time

    1 point - incomplete or late homework

    0 point - no homework presented


    Homework Hotline #'s - Mrs. Adams 330-830-8100 ext. 5129

                                            Mr. Slayman ext. 5134

                                            Mr. Parks ext. 5135


    Make-up Work


    You will have one day to complete the makeup work for each day that you were absent. Parents must phone the school office in the morning to request homework for their child if they wish to pick it up at the end of the school day. We accomplish a great deal each day in fifth grade, so if your child misses more than one day, it would be beneficial to work on it while at home.