• Food Web Project Description Goal: Create a food web based on a chosen ecosystem, with at least 3 food chains that interlock.

    Materials: chromebooks, project materials, science textbook

    Helpful Websites: 

    Ecosystem StudyJam 

    Food Chain StudyJam 

    Food Web StudyJam 

    Biome StudyJam 

    Food Web Practice 

    Food Web and Food Chain 

    Grassland Biome 

    Desert Biome 

    Coast Biome 

    Forest Biome 

    Water Biomes

    Marine Biome

    Freshwater Biome



    Tropical Rainforest


    Requirements: -3 food chains that interlock to create a food web -At least 1 labeled decomposer -Labeled consumers -Labeled producers -Use arrows to show the direction of energy from one item to the next. Some items may have more than one arrow coming to it or leaving from it. - Detailed descriptions of each item. State the name of the item. Include if this item is an omnivore, herbivore, or carnivore. This would also be a great place to include if your item is a decomposer, consumer, or producer. Is it living or non-living? Presentation: Your presentation may be completed in any manner you chose. If your presentation requires materials, you must bring them in to use during class. Do not forget you must present in front of your classmates.

    Follow the rubric for all projects. Below are some suggested ways to present.

     Slideshow, Poster, Mobile, Diorama, Brochure, Report, Google Drawing, or ask Mr. Blackstock if you want to be more creative and come up with your own presentation type.