The Bears Den

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     Open to the Public in 2023!

    Welcome to The Bear’s Den Cafe. This is a real restaurant run by the culinary students of Jackson High School. The Bear’s Den will be offering various dining options for JHS teachers and the public.  Please call (330-837-3501  ext 1434) to place any carryout orders.  If you are a JHS teacher, dial 1434 and place your order with the student cashier on the days listed below. Please do not email any orders.  You MUST talk to a person in the Bear's Den to place your order.  EXT. 1434


    Open Dates for April 2023:  11:00am-1:15pm  Public Dine-In Dates-(We have very limited dates due to Statewide testing)-4th and 12th. 

    JHS Teachers-Classroom Delivery, Pick-up or Dine In on any days that are listed above. Please check your emails daily for the specials.

    Public Dine In options-call ahead seating is preferred if you have more than 4 people, so that we can have a table ready for you.   

    330-837-3501  ext. 1434/1435

    Upcoming Open Dates for April: AS OF APRIL 18TH, the BEAR'S DEN IS CLOSED FOR THE SEASON!!!!!!!!!








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