Student Safety Rules


    Transportation Rules of Conduct


     Transportation is a privilege and should not be abused.  Safe, efficient transportation service requires teamwork from parents, students, bus drivers, school staff members and administrators. Without this valuable teamwork, there exists an increased risk of injury or death.


     Bus Stops

    -         Students should be at their bus stops at least 10 minutes before pick-up time and wait at least 10 minutes after the bus pick-up time for the bus to arrive.  Buses will only pick up students standing at designated bus stops.

    -         Inclement weather, ice and snow, and traffic tie-ups can delay the bus arrival time at stops.  Once the bus door is closed and bus is in motion, do not run after the bus. Return home and call the bus garage.

    -         Students should line up at least 10 feet away from the road and wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before attempting to board the bus.

    -         Students are picked up and returned to the same bus stop to ensure their safety.

    -         Parents may accompany young students to the bus stop in the morning and meet them in the afternoon.

    -         Students should wear bright clothing so the bus driver sees them easily.  At the beginning of the school year, young students should wear name tags pinned to their clothing with their name, address, phone number and school (provided by their teacher), to ensure they are dropped off at the correct location.

    -         Stops are established according to state laws and regulations and are approved by the Board of Education.

    -         A good rule of thumb is to keep your child’s school bus number and bus driver's name on the refrigerator for easy reference.





     Four-Step Crossing Instructions from the Bus Driver:


    • “When you exit the bus, walk 10 feet or steps in front of the bus along the side of the road where I can see you and you can see my hand in the front window.”
    • “When I drop my hand, I want you to walk to the middle of the road, traffic edge of the bus, and stop there.”
    •  “You are to look in both directions ON YOUR OWN.  When you see that it is clear, cross to your place of safety (residential side).”  Students must go to driver’s designated place of safety.
    • “If I blow my horn, it means DANGER.  Check traffic again.  If you see no danger, look back at me for further instructions.”



    Bus Conduct

    -         Safety of students is the first concern of the driver.  Students must obey the driver’s instructions at all times.  Keep the aisles clear, stay seated and use your inside voice.  Use handrails when getting on or off the bus.

    -         State law prohibits any food or beverage being consumed on the bus at any time.

    -         Pupil behavior that distracts the driver is a hazard and jeopardizes the safety and welfare of all passengers.  Do not push, yell or throw things while at the bus stop or on the bus.  Never stick hands, head or feet out of the windows.

    -         To ensure a student understands bus rules have been violated, the bus driver will first issue a verbal warning to the misbehaving student.

    -         Continued misbehavior will be written on a School Bus Incident Report and given to the school principal.  The school will notify the parent of student misconduct and disciplinary action.

    -         Misbehavior or irresponsible actions sufficient reason to suspend transportation services to those students.

    -         If a student’s transportation is suspended, the student is still expected to attend school.



    Rules for Other Drivers

    Other drivers must be especially careful and aware when a bus has stopped to pick up or drop off children.  Remember:

    -         If a bus is stopped on a street or road which has fewer than four lanes, all traffic proceeding in either direction must stop.

    -         If a bus is stopped on a street or road which has four or more lanes, only traffic proceeding in the same direction as the bus must stop.

    -         You must not proceed until the school bus resumes motion or until signaled by the school bus driver to proceed.