Meet Mrs. Adkins

  • Hello and welcome to our team! 
    On this page, you get the chance to learn a little bit about me!  I live in Jackson with my husband, Jason, and our three children.  Our son, Owen, is in eighth grade, Aisha is in fourth grade here at Sauder, and the baby of the family is Charlotte!  She is four!

    This is my tenth year teaching at Sauder Elementary and I love it!  I graduated from the University of Akron in 2009 and although 
    I have 3 children, this school year I also have 23 other children who I care for and think of as my own!

    Quick Facts:
    BIRTHDAY: October 30, 1982   
    FAVORITE BOOK: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
    HOBBIES:  I LOVE to spend time with my family!  I also enjoy exercising!
    FAVORITE FOOD: Chocolate! 

    FAVORITE RESTAURANT: The Twisted Olive


    I look forward to working with our class this year to build team unity where we will incorporate important character education into our daily school lives.  While children are learning academically they will also be learning to work together for the common good of our classroom.  I also look forward to working as a team with my students' parents and guardians so that, together, we can best meet each child's needs!