Reading Recovery Homework



    Please let your child read these books to you.  This book will have been read at least two times in class.  If your child has trouble with a word, he/she must look at the pictures for clues. He/she must also look at the beginning and final letters in the word and think about what would make sense.  These clues will help your child make good “guesses” about the unknown word.  Be careful NOT to just tell your child any unknown words, but help work through them together.  There is a laminated paper that has some suggestions as to how you can help your child monitor their reading and help them solve unknown words.

    Please fill in the names of the books your child read and sign the form.

    Activity #2:  THE CUT-UP STORY

    You can help your child by reading the story written on the white letter envelope to him/her.  Next, watch your child put the pieces of the “cut-up story” into the correct word order, being sure to leave finger spaces between the words.  Ask your child to reread it to check it against the story that is written on the envelope.   Glue the sentence onto the next page in the homework booklet. 


    Please help your child remember to return the books in his/her book bag each day.  They must bring the books back in order to get more books to take home.