eMail Restrictions

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At Jackson, student safety is a primary concern.  As such, we use a number of systems to do our part in protecting your child while online.

Almost everybody who has had an email account knows that eventually you will receive inapproproiate, unwanted email.  We do not wish to expose our younger students to these types of email unnecessarily.  Unfortunately that means that for our younger students we have put in place email restrictions. 

Here is a breakdown of eMail restrictions we have in place:


K-2   No eMail Access   (2nd grade starts eMail lessons second semester)

3-8   Internal Only   (Students may email each other and Jackson Staff only)

9-12  Internal/External   (Needed for curriculum, but emails are monitored for safety)


Even during this time of remote learning, our priority on keeping your children safe online has not changed.  

We have heard of some circumstances where emails have "bounced back" when parents have replied to emails from a teacher that also included a student email address.  Please know in these circumstances that only the message to the student's email address has "bounced".  Your message to the teacher would still be received in these cases.  Avoid using "reply all" to avoid the bounced message.