Polaris/Schoology Is not working

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The learning environment has radically changed in the last few weeks.  The Polaris eLearning environment is largely hosted on Schoology, a eLearning environment that Jackson has been using for instruction for about 5 years.  They have been quickly expanding their server platform to handle this additional load, but sometimes the load far exceeds their server capability, and they may have some performance issues as a result.


They have a site monitor available at: https://status.schoology.com/.  Here you can see if they are having problems, and if you wish you can subscribe to be alerted when they are working on an issue.  Keep in mind that when a problem occurs, there may be a little delay between the start of the problem and status site getting updated. 


Unfortunately, when Schoology is down, there is nothing that we (Jackson) can do to fix the problem.  Please know that our team is aware of the issues, and our teachers will be flexible during this eLearning period on due dates.  Nobody can escape tech challenges sometimes.