My Chromebook Charger is lost or broken

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Chromebook chargers are covered with the Polaris Protection Plan when they fail due to a manufacturer defect.  If they have been damaged or they are missing the charger may need to be replaced at the parent/guardian's expense.

The school normally has them available to purchase from the Media Center, but it is possible to purchase them online as well.

For your convienence, these links are examples of what to purchase, and should not be considered to be an endorsement of Amazon:

If your charger has a small round connector (N22, N23) you can find chargers here:


If your charger is oval and flat (100e, Yoga, USB3):


Other than the connector shape, the key feature is the  power capability.  A lower rated charger will not charge quickly and the Chromebook may overheat the charger.  For almost all of the Chromebooks you may be using, the required power is 45 W(att).  If you are using a "Yoga" Chromebook, the power requirement is 65 W.