Filemaker Installs

  • Our licensing arrangements with FileMaker 12 permits home installation of Filemaker as follows:

    In order to provide our customers with the flexibility to take their work home with them, we provide limited home/portable use rights for FileMaker Pro software. As long as you are the primary user of the computer at work, you may make a second copy of FileMaker software for your exclusive use on either a home or portable computer. Note that you may only make one such additional copy for either your home or portable computer, but not both. And only you, and no one else, may use the copy of the FileMaker software installed on such second computer. Please note that these rights do not apply to students if the software is part of a volume license program ordered at an education discount. Further, these rights do not apply to FileMaker Server software.

    More Information on Filemaker licensing is on the Filemaker Website.

    If you are the primary user of Filemaker on a school computer, you may download an installer from the files section below.  

    If you have a Windows computer, please be sure to unzip the downloaded file, then double click on the file named: "--Open this to install Filemaker--".

    Once Filemaker is installed, use the links from our Intranet page to connect to the Sparcc FileMaker server.

    iPad Users

    Filemaker has made a version of FileMaker Go 12 available for the iPad free of charge.  You can find it on the iTunes store here.

    Once you have installed FileMaker Go version 12 on your iPad you can access the Spednet Pro database from the link we have placed on the Intranet login page at

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