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    "The PAX Good Behavior Game® is a powerful evidence-based practice, consisting of proven instructional and behavioral health strategies used daily by teachers and students in the classroom. This universal preventive approach not only improves classroom behavior and academics, but also provides a lifetime of benefits for every child by improving self-regulation and co-regulation with peers. Children, their families, teachers, and society benefit for decades as result. Since 1999, PAX Good Behavior Game has been used in thousands of classrooms, in 38 states, Canada, Ireland, Estonia, Sweden and Australia. PAX GBG is the official Good Behavior Game® used at Johns Hopkins University for ongoing research." (https://www.goodbehaviorgame.org)


    Jackson Local Schools has implemented this program district-wide. This video provides a nice overview of what PAX is all about: PAX Video


    Here are some terms you might hear your children talk about:

    PAX Vision: A list of behaviors that the students want to see, hear, feel, and do more of, as well as see, hear, feel, and do less of

    Granny's Wacky Prize: A quick and often silly 1-2 minute class reward for on-task behavior

    Spleem: An off-task behavior

    PAX Game: A period of time where the teacher tallies spleems for teams. Teams that meet the goal get to participate in a Granny's Wacky Prize reward

    PAX Quiet: Putting 2 fingers in the air to signal that it's time to be quiet and listen to directions