• Dear Families, 


    First grade is an essential year for developing your child’s reading skills. Because of this, I am expecting students to complete reading & Fundations homework at least 3 nights per week. Depending on the individual needs of your child, you may want to spend even more time practicing. Students will earn 3 process points for their Foundational Skills grade every week for completion. Failure to turn in the log will result in a ‘0’ for the week. I will also reward students by giving them 3 tickets for each completed week.


    The books I am sending home are called decodable texts. They are written in a way that allows students to practice reading words with the specific phonics rules that they are learning. For example, the beginning level books contain mostly CVC words. (Consonant-vowel-consonant words such as cat, sit, bed, etc.) I have assessed all students to see which skills they are ready for. As your child’s reading progresses, I will continue to send more complex books. The books will also include a few “heart words,” which are words that do not follow typical spelling patterns (the, said, of, etc.) 


    For each night of reading homework, students must complete the following:

    1. Practice spelling and writing 6 Fundations words using the sound box dry erase sheet and check mark the log. New practice words will come home as we begin each Fundations unit.

    2. Practice reading and spelling the heart word flash cards and check mark the log. New heart words will come home as we begin each Fundations unit. 

    3. Read at least one book in the bag and discuss the comprehension questions on the back. Write the title in the log to record that it was read. PLEASE return these books every week so I can reuse them! New books will be provided every Monday.


    These activities could change as your child makes progress.  I will be assessing students on these skills and checking in on their progress in these areas. Thank you for your support!

    Mrs. Kohut