• Playground and Recess Expectations:

    If it is below 15 degrees, the children will not go out to recess. Students should dress for the weather and have boots, hats, and gloves.

    • No aggressive games or "play battle" games
    • Absolutely no rough play or inappropriate physical contact
    • They must be silent when they return into the building

    Hallway Expectations:

    • Straight and silent lines
    • Students follow person in front of them
    • Hands to him/herself
    • Walking 

    Bathroom Expectations:

    • Walk to and from bathroom
    • Quiet
    • Flush and wash hands
    • Use bathroom appropriately

    These are very basic, but strong and positive goals. They will be reviewed daily as we begin. Please review and discuss these rules with your child and review them throughout the year. Your support and encouragement at home will be of great benefit to your child's progress in this area.