Digital Citizenship

  • Welcome to the Jackson Local School District Digital Citizenship Resource, a place for parents, students and teachers to find information concerning productive and responsible behavior online.

    As the Internet becomes a greater part of our lives, both personally as well as its role in education, we believe it is important for parents and students to understand how this tool can be used to further our goals while minimizing possible negative consequences that may result from using the world wide web, social media, and other online experiences.

    This resource has been divied into four sections:

    Internet Safety (Online privacy and security)

    Digital Footprint (Traceable digital activities)

    Information Literacy (Information gathering skills)

    Relationships and Communication (Personal interactions online)

    Each section is further divided into three grade levels: K-5 Elementary, 6-8 Middle School, and 9-12 High School. It is our hope that both parents and students will explore and benefit from the information provided.