Classroom News

  • March 2020 Classroom News
    Welcome to Fifth Grade at Sauder Elementary!!!!!
       Math class is currently working in the Go Math Series adopted by Jackson Local Schools. We will start the year by focusing on building a strong math foundation with basic math facts in numbers base ten.  Chapter 1 focuses on multiplication, orders of operations, properties in algebra and patterns with base 10 numbers.  Chapter 2 covers division and interpreting remainders correctly within word problems.  We will test this chapter in the middle of October.  Chapter 3 covers adding and subtracting decimals  and we will test this chapter in November. Chapters 4 and 5 cover "Decimal Multiplication and Division".  Chapter 4 will be completed before Thanksgiving Break.    
       After break we then work on "Adding and Subtracting Fractions" in chapter 6 and "Multiplying and Dividing Fractions" in chapter 7 and 8.  Multiplying (Ch 7) and Dividing (Ch 8) Fractions will be worked on during the month of January and February.  We will test chapter 7 in the middle of January and will test chapter 8 in February.  
       In the month of February, March, April, we will work on Ch 9, and Ch 10.  Chapter 9 will cover line plots, data analysis, patterns, and coordinate grids.  Chapter 10 will cover standard measurement, metric measurement and elapsed time. 
       In the month of March we will finish Chapter 10  and begin Chapter 11.  Chapter 11 will cover 2-D shapes, 3-D shapes, calculating volume or prisms and irregular polyhedrons.  We will test this chapter during April. We will then look to preparing for the Math AIR that will be in May.  Please continue to practice basic math facts at home to help strengthen our math foundation. Thank you for checking your child’s homework each night on "My Homepage"!  
       Science class will start the year exploring the Scientific Method and how to run an experiment.  We will conduct a science experiment with some majic beads.  We will then look at how the Sun helps create life here on earth.  We will have a quiz on Photosynthesis the second week in September.  Science class will then start work on decomposers and we will gain some class pets. 
       In science class during October, we will create a Wanted Poster on one of the symbiotic relationships covered in class.  Next, we will work with Food Webs and ecosystems. Please remember to review your notes a little each night to help you remember topics discussed in class.    
       In November our science class will test over Life Science.  Please ask your child to show you their Science course in Polaris.  There are many resources in this course that will help them review science skills.  We will then move into Earth and Space Science and learn about our solar system.  
       In December and January we started to look to the stars and are closest star the Sun.  We will explore our solar sytem, comets, asteroids, meteoroids, gravity, seasons, Earth's rotation, Earth's revolution and Earth's tilt. 
       In February we will start into physical science.  We will cover different types of energy (light, sound, thermal), Newton's laws of motion, kinetic and potential energy and friction.
       In March we will finish up our unit on sound and test the first week of March.  We will then move into studying light energy.  Please study your notes and vocabulary each night.     


    A Note from the Office: 

    Ohio Revised Code requires all schools in Ohio to conduct fire, tornado, school safety, and bus evacuation drills.  Many factors go into deciding when drills will occur such as the instructional day calendar, building schedules, availability of township safety officials, and weather. Your children have already been practicing these drills with their teachers at school. Parents are not notified when various practice drills are conducted.  Parents will be notified through a unified emergency mass notification communication and crisis system called Alertus if any type of safety drill is initiated because of an actual emergency situation.