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  • April/May 2019   Classroom News
    Welcome to Fifth Grade at Sauder Elementary!!!!!
       Math class is currently working in the Go Math Series adopted by Jackson Local Schools. We will start the year by focusing on building a strong math foundation with basic math facts in numbers base ten.  Chapter 1 focused on multiplication, orders of operations, properties in algebra and patterns with base 10 numbers.  Chapter 2 covered division and interpreting remainders correctly within word problems.  We tested this chapter in the middle of October.  Chapter 3 covered adding and subtracting decimals  and we tested this chapter in November. Chapters 4 and 5 covered "Decimal Multiplication and Division". 
       After break we jumped into Chapter 11 and cover 2-D shapes, 3-D shapes, calculating volume or prisms and irregular polyhedrons.  We tested this chapter at the end of January.  We then worked on "Adding and Subtracting Fractions" in chapter 6 and "Multiplying and Dividing Fractions" in chapter 7.   
       Multiplying (Ch 7) and Dividing (Ch 8) Fractions will be worked on during the month of March and April.  We will test chapter 7 in the middle of March and will test chapter 8 after Spring Break.  
       In the month of April and May, we will work on Ch 9 and Ch 10.  Chapter 9 will cover line plots, data analysis, patterns, and coordinate grids.  Chapter 10 will cover standard measurement, metric measurement and elapsed time.  We will then look to preparing for the Math AIR that will be on May 2nd and 3rd.  Please continue to practice basic math facts at home to help strengthen our math foundation. Thank you for checking your child’s homework each night on "My Homepage"!  


    A Note from the Office: 

    Ohio Revised Code requires all schools in Ohio to conduct fire, tornado, school safety, and bus evacuation drills.  Many factors go into deciding when drills will occur such as the instructional day calendar, building schedules, availability of township safety officials, and weather. Your children have already been practicing these drills with their teachers at school. Parents are not notified when various practice drills are conducted.  Parents will be notified through a unified emergency mass notification communication and crisis system called Alertus if any type of safety drill is initiated because of an actual emergency situation.


    A Note from PTG:  There are only three months of school left, yet plenty of opportunities to volunteer in your child's school. See your students in their element while simultaneously giving back to #OurSchool!  Please consider volunteering once a month or more as your schedule allows. Grandparents are welcome too!  
    • Library Support (9:00-10:00am) - Collect books from classrooms and shelve them in the library.
    • Clinic Support (11:00am-1:15pm) - Comfort sick children, take temperatures, pass out band-aids, and provide a little TLC. The Office Staff handles any big or urgent needs.
    • Cafeteria Support (11:00am-1:00pm) - See your child and their friends enjoy lunch while you help open condiment packages, pass out utensils, and assist students with spills.   
    • Look for more info on Book Fair, YES Day, and Staff Appreciation events and volunteer opportunities soon.
    Email if interested and THANK YOU for contributing to the Sauder Community!
    Thank you!
    Sauder PTG


    The "Me and My Guy" 80’s Dance Party will be held in the Sauder Gym on Friday, April 5 from 7pm-9pm! This event is for Sauder girls and their special adult guy! You can sign up to donate or volunteer through the following link.