Daily 5 Bookmark Schedules

  • These are my Daily 5 Bookmark Schedules.  I printed 4 of each for a total of 20 bookmarks. (1 per student this year) I cut them out, glued to a colored piece of cardstock, then laminated them for durability.  I placed all the bookmark schedules in a beach bucket and students would pick one each time we completed all 5 rounds.  Some days, (in fact most days) we did not do all 5 due to special activities, programs, or assemblies.  We were lucky to get to 2-3 per day.  The kids were ALWAYS excited to pick a new schedule and they proudly placed them on their desks to see what Daily 5 activity they got to go to next.  Once all 5 were completed, the bookmarks were returned in the beach bucket and the process started all over again as they picked a new one. 


    I can not take credit for the idea though!  My friend and colleague, Kristin, came up with this.  I decided though it would be best for me take pictures of my own kids, in my own classroom doing the Daily 5 in the places where we had practiced and designated as areas for each individual part.  I also decided to label each bookmark under the pictures with "Read to Self", "Read to Someone", "Work on Writing", "Work Work", and "Listen to Reading". 


    Some teachers are not comfortable having a "5 Ring Circus" going on with different kids doing different parts.  It is a matter of preference and what each teacher feels is best for their students and themselves.  This year I was so very fortunate to have a low number of students and they were an outstanding class.  It worked beautifully!  There was not chaos or confusion.  The kids knew exactly what tasks to do, how to do them, and complete each independently.  This is due to the explicit modeling and practicing that is established at the beginning of the year for several months.  I did not begin using these bookmarks until after Christmas when we returned in January, our 3rd grading period.  So, teachers, it's up to you to decide.  Do you want all the kids doing the same activity at the same time?  Or, are you comfortable with this procedure?  If you think about it, it's similar to centers, but all the steps you take to get the kids to be independent is what makes the difference.  There is no right or wrong way to do Daily 5 I believe.  Each teacher "tweaks" it to their special style and preferences. 






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